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[Chorus] Call that nigga, fuck that texting shit If a nigga don’t pick up, guess it’s them hoes he wit’ Guess I gotta get wit’ my bitches and hop in the whip Ride around, see what bitch hoppin’ on my man dick Call that nigga, call that nigga, fuck that texting shit Call that nigga, call that nigga, who the fuck he with?

See if he taking hoes shopping, taking hoes on trips Or if he taking pics with other chicks, fuck that shit [Verse 1] Oh na na na, can’t play a bitch like me papa These niggas think they low, til’ I pop out Where y’all niggas at? I’m looking for these hoes like a girl scout Get your cookies out Unless you work at Christian Dior’s, run up in the corner store Creep up in the unmarked car Might be leaning on you, you ain’t even know it A bitch crazy in love nigga, this is how I show it I’m the one to throw yo’ shit out the window Call ya’ mama, ask her straight up, “Why ya son a ho?

He will make big text plans to fuckboy the two of you up. Especially if he considers himself to be a male feminist. He’ll detail these opinions in a giant text message, while ignoring your previous sweet texts. Worrying that you no longer think about him, the fuckboy’s comically large ego will have a strong desire to eliminate your closure. The fuckboy will not be pleased to discover that copulation was had with another human. You want to “remain in each other’s life” but “not in a sexual capacity.” Directly notify him that you no longer have feelings for him and really never did. You had a sex with your brother, and you do NOT want to keep doing that. He’ll text, “Come say hi to me ;)” Move to a different country. If you leave the continent, the fuckboy will begin asking you to grab a beer with him.

The fuckboy will come running to mansplain that he doesn’t have privilege and you’re simply being dramatic and you don’t know what sexism is and he ALSO SUFFERS. He will begin the process of reeling you back in, only to repeat his cycle of shittiness. He’ll begin pursuing you as he did in the beginning. Chat with every single one of his friends and pretend the fuckboy does not exist. He knows this is not actually possible, which is why he’s doing it.

The good thing about this company is that it allows women 18 years and older from all over the world to participate.

This is perhaps the most popular chat website that allows women to chat with men. This site focuses on women chatting with men through a chat console and the women are known as a chat hostess.

The website seeks women who have: However, a participant must be at least years old to qualify as a chat hostess.

The company pays through Pay Pal and participants can make withdrawals twice per month.

There are several easy options available when it comes to working at home such as: This is online chat service that allows you to chat with men through a phone call or text messaging.Hi Lashay, I love this list, short, simple, & to the point.I’ve signed up, recently, for one that isn’t on here, hopefully I’ll be getting started soon, as I have a desperate need to make extra income, despite having a disability.Or he only partially responded and avoided the part of your message where you said you have developed feelings for him against your will since you consider him to be a skinny-jeaned, buttoned-down bearded monster? As soon as those Instagram photos start popping up with captions like “Date night with the BF,” the fuckboy entitlement will triple. Thus, a single non-kissing work opportunity will intrigue him more than the potential for true love. Invent a person, use an obscure celebrity’s name, or describe this individual vaguely. The fuckboy may not be responding to your suggestion of getting drinks on Friday night, but if you switch drinks to box seats at a Blue Jays game? And while you’re at this show/party/event treating the fuckboy like he is the invisible man, sit beside another handsome gent and stroke his muscular arm occasionally. However, I do delight in toying with their minds as they have toyed with mine. Be more successful in the same industry he works in.

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