Noahide dating

; Were the early followers of Jesus Jews or proto-Christians?; Can the New Testament be read as commentary on the Jewish Bible (the Tanach) rather than as scripture? and many other topics are included in Alden Films CD and DVD Noahide Collection.

The refusal by present day churches to regard the Hebrew Bible (the Tanach), along with its rabbinical interpretations based on a 3500-year history of Jews reading, praying and interpreting the Bible, as the real authority on God (this includes their God Jesus), and their contrived use of questionable passages (Isaiah 53, Daniel 9) which are interpreted as a preamble to a belief in a human deity, is akin to studying the Koran without consulting a Moslem or knowing Arabic. David Davis and his congregants in continuing to study, regardless of painful consequences (the shunning of their community in the Bible Belt, and personal attacks on Mr.

A group of Evangelical Christian Ministers, searching for knowledge about the origins of Jesus, found more questions than answers about Christianity and its birth.

They came to the conclusion that a proper understanding of the Torah, the Holy Book of Israel, was necessary to further their own religious understanding.

Virtually everyone dreams, but on the whole we either forget our dreams or dismiss them as mere recollections not particularly applicable to life.

Dreams, though, are the first step in the higher realm of consciousness.

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