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It’s much more socially accepted than these websites from a decade ago.But then it’s also very easy to like use these things to find out who people are in real life.I would see a lot of profiles that show personality but don’t contain personal information.So people just write something that’s quirky, or you know, relevant to them but isn’t personal.People generally have their Facebook profiles well managed so that you just can’t see everything.But with the first name and last name, Linked In then provides you their profession.

For this episode of Cyber Security Sauna, Sean Sullivan stops by to talk about what Tinder and similar apps mean for your security and privacy. Dating apps, by and large, have gotten to the point where it’s a matter of a very simple profile and then very quickly swiping left and right, I think was pioneered by Tinder.

But when it comes to security, what should you be aware of?

What privacy concessions are you making when you swipe?

That’s just the concern that I have though as a security-minded person.

So asking, what are the security implications to think of here?

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