Pennsylvania website for consolidating school loans

Those acts eventually paved the way for a reduction to 501 districts.

The current statutory language on "combination of school districts permits two or more school boards to pass resolutions indicating a desire to combine." The state Board of Education then rejects or approves the request, with recommendations.

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They can negotiate with Pennsylvania creditors on your behalf to reduce your monthly bills payments to a level that you can easily afford - Consolidate Debt Germansville start here, More...The commonwealth today has 500 public school districts.But 66 years ago, in 1952, it was one of 15 states with at least 2,000 school districts.By Colin Mc Nickle Indeed, there can be concrete benefits to consolidating local school districts in Pennsylvania.But operational concerns - contractual, economic and, to some, even parochial -- stand to trump any rush to future mergers, concludes a new analysis by the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy.

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