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You forgot the fact that Brandi and Banky had something..if it was a romantic thing or a one night stand deal but Banky tells about going down on Brandi and getting caught by her dad.Today we’ll be doing something new and different, since Dr.I tend to be shy and quiet at first until I feel comfortable. I’m looking for the right woman, and I’m looking for a serious relationship — not just messing around.I want to be with a woman who is friendly, strong, intelligent, able to laugh at life, and is just overall cool.I recently tried to get into photography, but my perfectionism has held me back a little with it. I also really love the beach, especially Stone Harbor, NJ.

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Oh, also, if you know any single women in the NY/NJ area, obviously email me so I can forward their info to Steven. I’ve played in a few great bands, have made some great music, love playing out, listen to music all the time, and really love everything about it.

A chart with all the canon relationships in the View Askewniverse.

I didn't include some because there wasn't enough space. Blue=friendship Red=Romantic Green=Family Solid=Current Dashed= Past View Askew characters are property of Kevin Smith.

The boring stuff – I’m friendly, nice, sarcastic, can be a guy’s guy, or the emotional guy – all depends on the situation.

I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated.

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