Problems updating windows xp service pack 3

Organisations that wish to deploy this service pack can do so over their networks using the network installation tools provided by Microsoft.

More information on the download and installation of the Windows XP service pack 1 is available at the end of this article..

However the part of the legal judgement against Microsoft that is relevant to Windows XP service pack 1 is called the "Set Programs Access and Defaults Panel." This mechanism that Microsoft was forced to apply to Windows XP (and Windows 2000 in its service pack 3), is the ability to choose which non operating system software you want to use as the customer and not always be stuck with the Microsoft option.

Also, if you choose to remove the Microsoft option then the relevant icons MUST be removed from the desktop and programs menu.

By installing the new Windows XP service pack 1, with all its important updates, Microsoft are building on XP's success.

Windows XP SP 1 (XP SP1) is Microsoft's first major update to its latest operating system - Windows XP.

This service pack covers both the Home and Professional editions, and is available as a Download or on CD Rom.

This service pack contains all the security patches and fixes for Windows XP, at the time of its release (9th September 2002), as well as some other very important components like support for USB 2.0 and anti piracy measures.

The aim of this article is to cover the contents of this service pack for XP.

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