Pros and cons of dating a doctor

An older man, especially one who’s already been married once, knows what he wants.If he’s ready for a long-term relationship, he’ll make it known. He’s not out to waste time; he wants to know within a few dates whether you have potential or not.He knows who he is and what he wants, and he isn’t shy about communicating that.Speaking of communication, there’s a better chance that an older guy will be a better communicator than a younger one.He’s already played games in his 20s…and he’s over it.

Being financially stable isn’t about making 0k a year. It’s nice to date a man who can afford to pay for dinner.

There are also, however, some drawbacks to be aware of.

Let’s look at both so you can decide whether dating an older man is appealing to you or not.

Every Ukrainian woman thinks that she is a queen, which is why her dearie is a king, of course, and she treats him like a king – with respect, care, love and support.

I know a lot of women who prefer dating an older man.

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