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("A Chill Goes Through Her Veins") As a child, he had written several stories for his own, personal amusement, and sometimes for his friends, beginning with "gross" thriller stories, to non-fiction, which left Richard feeling constrained.

He returned to his old imaginative thrillers which scared his school friends enough to make Rick realize his ability to manipulate human emotion as a good storyteller of thrillers.

According to his biography at Richard Castle.net, Martha would always gently tell Richard on his birthdays that she had no idea who his father was, which never bothered Richard as it allowed him to imagine that his father could be anyone he wished.

However, Martha also once told Richard that she "had loved a lifetime" the night she met his father.

Since then, Castle had looked up to his friend as a hero.

Even decades later, Castle still gets choked up as he recounts the story.

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He also had several nannies look after him who, on his account, spent most of their time watching daytime television, with One Life to Live becoming the inspiration to write his first novel.

Richard never knew who his father was and initially had no intention of finding out who he was, reasoning that he never met his dad or even had a father figure in his life (which Richard jokingly denies, saying he had lots of father figures because of Martha's various relationships) so he doesn't really feel the loss.

When he hit puberty, though, Richard lost all interest in reading, which then began his days of being a teenaged, stubborn boy.

Eventually, obviously, he went back to his old reading and writing habits in a matter of a few apparently unremarkable years.

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