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This means that civil marriage, done through the city hall, is the only recognized binding form of marriage.Religious marriages are not recognized as legally binding.The documents will need to be compiled together into a dossier and submitted in person at the city hall.Certain types of documents will need to be filed by both individuals, other documents will be unique to each person.Tell the receptionist that you want to have a civil marriage ceremony medical analysis done (analize medicale pentru cununie civila).The cost is around 20 to 40 LEI.*Important you have to have the blood test done no longer than 14 days before the date you have your civil ceremony scheduled at the city hall.If the foreign individual who plans to marry a Romanian in Romania does not speak the Romanian language, then he must be accompanied by an authorized legal interpreter both, when filing the marriage declaration, as well as on the day of the marriage.To find a Romanian Interpreter to hire visit the list of Romanian interpreters and search under “Limbi” (Language) and Judet (County) to find and contact one in your area who speaks your foreign language. After you’ve found an interpreter, contact them and let them know you wish to hire them to be present for the filing of your marriage declaration, and for the day of the marriage.

Here is a complete list of all the local administrative units of Romania, you can use this list or by doing a google search of the area you plan on marrying and the word “Primăria” to find the ones in that area. After you’ve established the city hall you will use for your marriage, you can continue reading the next steps on how to get married in Romania.In order for a Romanian city hall to process documents and issue a marriage certificate, one of the future spouses must be a resident of the city, commune, town, or municipality where the city hall is located.Romanian has over 2,700 city halls that cover the entire country, so odds are the Romanian spouse you wish to marry is located very close to a city hall that you can use for your marriage procedure.Being well prepared and knowing what to expect ahead of time will ensure you that you can spend more time planning your wedding than dealing with government bureaucracy.Romania’s marriage law is based on the civil law system according to Romania’s constitution.

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