Sedating koi

When you are satisfied that it is suitably anaesthetised, you can carry on with the treatment needed.

Don't panic if the gills or mouth stop moving, it doesn't mean that you have killed your koi!

Professional breeders prefer to move koi in cooler temperatures.

The Environment Agency (the government body that is responsible for the quality of our waters and the life that they support) prefer to move and survey fish either side of the warmer months rather than handle fish in the summer time.

Fill both bowls with a suitable amount of POND water.

Once you have finished treating the koi, place it in the recovery bowl close to the airstone.

Oddly enough Phenoxyethanol I am told by our local Vet, is not licenced to be used by them, after seeing them attempting to sedate a Koi, seeing the stress they put it through trying to sedate it, along with the time it took, I could have sedated it, performed what needed doing, and it would have recovered by using Phenoxyethanol.

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