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In addition, domestic partners are able to dissolve the relationship in the same way that a divorce takes place.In order to dissolve the relationship, couples must get certification from the state that says the relationship has ended.Furthermore, Kentucky has Common Law marriage laws in terms of recognizing them from states allowing them only for the purpose of awarding workers’ compensation benefits.Currently, every state will recognize a “common law” marriage if the marriage was created in a state allowing it.For instance, Georgia, Idaho, Ohio, and Pennsylvania actually do have Common Law marriage laws for the purpose of recognizing such marriages before the date the practice itself was abolished.The marriage requirements in those states would be just the same for a common law marriage as a traditional marriage so long as the marriage occurred before the state had abolished the practice.Marriage was defined in early statues and in a constitutional amendment in 2006.However, as of August 2009, domestic partnerships are legally allowed in Wisconsin.

This can be an important designation, because without the domestic partnership, there would be no recognition of the relationship and partners would not be considered family.Marriages and Domestic partnerships also entitle partners to visit each other in the hospital and in prison.Domestic partners can also be entitled to make any medical decisions regarding their partner in Wisconsin.A “Common Law” marriage in Wisconsin, although created in any of the states allowing it, would only have the rules and regulations in Wisconsin that would be typical elsewhere.Currently, Wisconsin marriage laws forbid the legal recognition of same sex marriages.

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