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ever seen a Spaniard they were the victims of smallpox and other diseases carried to the New World by the Spanish the disease is next some Village to Village entire populations were wiped out once great tribes were reduced to ruin in the southwest a similar story is told the Spanish explorer Coronado LED an army into Pueblo land in search of treasure True Lies in the Indians along the way find a none of the riches he had expected Coronado left the Southwest 2 years later it wasn't long until the Spanish were back this time not in search of gold but Souls they established Outpost called what times throughout the Southwest from which they could spread the word of the Bible and convert the Indians to Christianity there were dozens of missions and each was built about a day's ride apart some missionaries treated the Indians with kindness and provider jobs food and shelter how is willing to obey Mission rules put the missionaries were strict and when the Indians refuse to do what the Spanish told them they were treated brutal the Spanish had little desire to remain in the new world with the English it was different they wanted to stay here first successful permanent English colony was established in Jamestown in what is now the state of Virginia in 1607 and just a few here's the entire Eastern Seaboard was dotted with English colonies some of the new colonists were programs a strict religious group escaping person douching at home and 1620 they established a colony at Plymouth Massachusetts at first many tribes in bricelyn settlers at friends and even help them through difficult times this country's first Thanksgiving honored Native Americans generosity help keep settlers from starving that allowed them to prosper can I have the number of settlers increased so conflicts hungry for land the new Americans felt the Indians had to be moved aside in the name of progress treaties room in which the Indians gave up some of their land voluntarily but no matter how much land was given away it never seemed to be enough and eventually the Mia's had no choice but to resist and fight back the Pequot War in 1636 was the first war fought Indians in New England as shown in this engraving, set fire to a large Pequot Village and eyewitness gave this account India's with both men women and children Escape out of our hands Captain John Underhill that was just the first of many that flared up throughout the Eastern Woodlands in the South colonies came up against tribes like the Cherokee Choctaw and Creek and defeated them on the battlefield greatly numbered I'm realizing further resistance was futile the Indians adopted white ways and went on to become successful business people and property owners some were the finest clothing and lived on Grand plantations enjoying the fruits of their labor but some whites envious of Indian success and land pressure the government to do something about it the United States Congress responded by passing the Indian Removal of 1830 this law required Indians to give up their land I moved to less valuable Parcels in the West Parts Settlers wanted our land they didn't want Indians in their part of the country they wanted Indians removed far beyond so that's what it did and it took her land under the Indian Removal Act tribes in the would be relocated to land in Oklahoma Indians would have to give up their homes and businesses all that they ever had no one supporters of the argued that it would actually benefit Indians are there suggested that the Indian Removal Act with Benefits tries by removing this far from white people who your darling the attitude was that you want me to bother you anymore but we were the Cherokee wouldn't go willingly so in 1838 u.s.Incoming Inmate Funds | Bonds | Inmate Property | Inmate Visitation | Professional Visits MAIL Inmates in the Laramie County Detention Center may mail as many letters as they want, provided they can pay for the postage.Juveniles must have a birth certificate and/or juveniles in Junior/Senior High must have a valid identification card if they are visiting their legal parent or guardian.If a juvenile is not visiting their legal parent or guardian, then their legal parent or guardian MUST accompany them.All mail, cards, or messages MUST go through the U. Postal Service, using the following address: Inmates full name Laramie County Detention Facility 1910 Pioneer Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82001 Back to the Top. Professional visitors must present a valid, state issued identification along with valid professional credentials at Central Control prior to being authorized for visitation.

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Days/Hours: No letters, cards, messages, or money will be accepted at the visitation desk. After receiving their ID card, all professional visitors will be cleared through the booking officer.Extended visits for visitors traveling over 100 miles one (1) way on the day of the visit will be (30) thirty minutes.Extended visits will be limited to no more than one (1) per week with all other visits that week being limited to the 15-minute limit. Visitors may only visit the inmate they signed up to visit.No one under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be granted a visit.Inmates released from the Detention Facility must wait 7 days before being allowed to visit another inmate.

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