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Gene could see his small family was not part of the Delta’s upper crust of lawyers, doctors and real estate men.

Nor was he among the prominent farming families whose surnames signaled good lineage.

He had a series of businesses himself, including a nightclub.

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What took the kids away, though, were the rock-and-roll bands of the British Invasion.

Gene grew his hair down to his eyes, like The Beatles, as long as his Rosedale football coaches would allow.

On the evening of September 5, 1975, several young men in a rock band called Furthermore traveled to the small Mississippi Delta city of Ruleville to play a high school dance. But as the sky darkened and a crowd of teenagers gathered, their guitarist had still not shown up.

They met at the Ruleville Youth Center, set their gear up and waited for show time. A twenty-two-year-old with long, brown hair and intense eyes, Gaia was the band’s de facto leader.

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