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Rather, it is inside these relationships and determines their internal structure.

Third, power does not simply come down from above, and not all power relationships are formed according to a ruler/ruled model.

The work of twentieth-century French philosopher Michel Foucault has increasingly influenced the study of politics.

This influence has mainly been via concepts he developed in particular historical studies that have been taken up as analytical tools; “governmentality” and ”biopower” are the most prominent of these.

Scholars disagree both on the level of consistency of his position over his career, and the particular position he could be said to have taken at any particular time.

Fifth, resistance is a part of a power relationship, and is not external to it.

Later, psychiatrists interviewed children directly, and suggested that the parents were often ultimately responsible for the child's disorder.

(3) Rule of Double Conditioning: all "local centers" of power are parts of larger strategies, and all larger strategies rely on local centers of power, but one does not emulate the other.

Foucault's analysis of power shows that we cannot discuss sexuality in terms of one unilateral power relation.

Rather, we need to examine more closely the diverse power relations that exist around our discourse on sex that lead it to manifest itself in the way that it does.

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