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and Kaiser-Hill Corp., both have contracts with the department for radioactive waste cleanup projects in Colorado and Washington -- Las Vegas Sun.February 28, 2002 -- Hydrologist says Nevada needs more water in exchange for dump -- LAS VEGAS (AP) - A hydrologist who has studied water issues at the Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain for more than two decades says the federal government owes the state more of what some consider the most valuable commodity in the West: water.Although the state's ultimate goal is to block the repository, attorneys and officials admit that with the federal government's deeppockets and their own questionable legal grounds, Nevada's real court strategy is delay -- Las Vegas Sun ( Gov. I've called him a blockhead before, I've called him a fathead before. The body of the report is 192 pages, not including the executive summary.

The resolution makes it clear that Congress should reject the president's recommendation -- Las Vegas Sun February 20, 2002 -- 'Dump the Dump' campaign considered enlisting Clinton -- Former President Bill Clinton was one of several high-profile political figures recently considered by Nevada gaming bosses to serve as a well-paid lobbyist in the fight against a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain -- Las Vegas Review Journal ( Casinos to launch Yucca blitz -- Las Vegas Sun February 19, 2002 -- Resort association to escalate anti-Yucca effort -- The casino industry's Carson City lobbying arm is set today to announce plans to significantly escalate its anti-Yucca Mountain political effort, four days after President Bush approved the opening of a nuclear waste repository at the isolated Southern Nevada site - Las Vegas Review Journal February 18, 2002 -- Yucca strategy: Sue, stall -- Now that President Bush has approved a nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, Nevada officials plan to stuff the courts with lawsuits, tying up the issue for as long as possible. C., to urge President Bush and Congress to turn back the Yucca Mountain Project, two backers of the nuclear waste repository, John Sununu and Geraldine Ferraro, toured the site Thursday -- Las Vegas Review Journal February 2002 -- A Mountain of Trouble: A Nation at Risk -- The State's Yucca Mountain Impact Report is now availble on the Agency For Nuclear Projects website. Hard copies are being printed and should be available soon.WASHINGTON -- Nevada's prospects to become the nation's burial ground for nuclear waste were placed in the hands of President Bush on Thursday when Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham transmitted a packet to the White House recommending that Bush approve a Yucca Mountain repository. Request a hard copy of the report February 14, 2002 -- Nuclear industry counters state effort -- -- WASHINGTON -- At the same time Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman was lobbying fellow mayors last month against Yucca Mountain at a Washington conference, the nuclear energy industry was giving to every mayor a videotape touting the safety of nuclear waste transport.Besides being given to city leaders, the video was sent to 1,500 local chambers of commerce and 222 television stations, several of which have run footage, a strategist for the Nuclear Energy Institute said this week -- Las Vegas Review Journal February 13, 2002 -- YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Dump recommendation delayed Backers still seeking action within week -- WASHINGTON -- Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham met with President Bush on Tuesday to discuss nuclear waste but held off on making his recommendation that Yucca Mountain be authorized as the nation's permanent site for storage of the nation's most lethal radioactive materials -- Las Vegas Review Journal February 13, 2002 -- Who lied about Yucca Mountain?-- Opponents of a proposed nuclear waste dump are trying to gather support from communities in California and 44 other states in the path of trucks and trains hauling radioactive materials to the site - AP February 22, 2002 -- Poll cites nuclear waste as top concern -- Voters rate economy second most crucial issue -- Clark County voters cite nuclear waste as the most critical issue facing them, according to a new poll tied to the launch of a subscription news service.The poll of 550 registered voters was conducted by Downey Research for political strategist Terry Murphy's new endeavor, The Insighter.

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