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For as much as Daisy had retained some of his conscious thought his will was only to serve his Aunt. He had, after all, been the bait that had drawn Hailey and Brenda into Phoebe's knowing clutches.And his reward for playing such an active part in their capture had been for Phoebe to increase his doses of estrogen such that his unknowing descent into a wanting state of feminism increased at a greater rate.

Phoebe waited until Hailey's gasps subsided slightly before bringing the floor show to its conclusion. Ready yourself for my inspection." Brenda immediately stopped pounding Daisy's ass and as she removed the rubber phallus from Daisy's hole there was a subtle popping noise which drew a simultaneous moan of release from Daisy's cum drenched lips.

"Good girl," Phoebe said, slowly withdrawing her fingers from Brenda's mouth. You will also find something suitable in your room which you will wear.

"Now," Phoebe said suddenly, "I want you both to nap for a few hours and then get showered and changed for tonight's party. When it sounds you are prepare yourselves as I have instructed. The guests are due to start arriving at 7pm so I expect you ready to serve by 6pm. " "Yes mistress." Although Daisy's mind was still reasonably lucid, his will had been diminished by the enforced feminisation that his Auntie, his mistress, had imposed upon him over so many years and had re-enforced mercilessly since her return into his life.

As Daisy's lungs filled with Hailey's musk and his throat with her telling nectar, Brenda shuffled slightly forward herself to compensate for Daisy's enforced movement caused as Hailey shifted position and drew Daisy tighter to her juicy opening.

Phoebe watched her submissives' performances from an adjacent lounger enjoying the spectacle, having set the initial direction. Mindless playthings of their mistress, each having submitted to the mind manipulating power of the jewel that hung from their necks.

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