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Plus, unlike dial up, DSL lets you use the phone and internet at the same time.That means you won’t face the inconvenience of tying up your phone or fax line while you’re connected to the internet, a hassle that customers searching for internet services in the Lehigh Valley shouldn’t have to deal with.If you’ve been using dial up for your internet service in Easton or Allentown, you know what we mean.First there’s the wait for the modem to pick up and dial the access number.Hope you don’t plan to leave the house for a while. Because Verizon has you covered with high-speed DSL internet services in Easton and Allentown, PA. Plus, DSL service from Verizon doesn’t tie up your phone line like dial up internet.Verizon offers two high-speed internet plans in the Easton-Allentown area: High Speed Internet is great for everyday browsing, while High Speed Enhanced is a faster tier that's made for downloading, streaming videos and more.Short for “digital subscriber line,” DSL is a type of technology used for connecting homes and businesses to the internet over a traditional telephone network.In other words, Verizon DSL provides you with a high-speed internet connection through your existing phone line. For starters, Verizon DSL service provides you with a dedicated broadband connection to the internet that offers greater bandwidth capacity than dial up.

In fact, Verizon DSL features 99.9% network reliability.

Who wants to travel by themselves when you could go with a group of friends?

We plan trips to destinations all around the world.

You’ll meet other singles like you while playing volleyball, kickball, flag football, softball, disc golf, or just taking in a local professional game. If you’re a foodie you’ll be able to dine with other single members at great restaurants.

We have mixers every month that cater to both large and small crowds as well as different ages, so there’s truly something for everyone.

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