Steps for updating your system with update ux

We will use the View system information option to get the current system firmware information.

We will be using this information in IBM Fix Central to obtain information on the latest firmware updates or upgrades available for the system and proceed with the firmware update or upgrade to newer release using the instructions described in the following sections.

You can obtain the Power Systems firmware fix packs or firmware releases from the IBM Fix Central website.

Select the following categories for Power Systems firmware update and choose the appropriate machine type and model of your system to be updated.

Review and accept the terms as shown in Figure 3.7 and proceed to download.You can update the firmware concurrently (that is, the fixes that can be deployed on a running system without rebooting partitions or performing an IPL) within a specific release.Select the Change Licensed Internal Code option for the current release.Firmware service packs provide fixes and enhancements within a specific release.This tutorial provides the following information: In the following sections, let’s go through in detail covering all the topics highlighted above.

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