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"The number one secret thing that men really need is nurturing," she told me. He is very sensitive and reads into anything that you say which can be read as blaming, causing him to feel less valued.

"This is so surprising, but sitting in therapy sessions with them, I learned the truth — men want love and appreciation just like women do. All of these things over time will wear him down, and his feelings toward you will be the first to go." ), women appear to have lower levels of anxiety-regulating brain chemicals, which, as a result can make us more, "high strung." If you tend to project your worries on to your husband — constantly reminding him to take his multivitamin, ease up on the beer-drinking, and repeatedly telling him to take an umbrella to work in case it rains — you could be headed for trouble, says Hope.

"As much as they say they are thinking about all the hard work at an emotional level, getting married is the accomplishment.

"This takes a while but sets in hard — that marriage means your life changes," he said.

"Men have a hard time accepting this." Klapow also told me that some men have a hard time realizing that in successful marriages, people continue to evolve and change but within the context of someone else. Learn, grow, change (or not change) as individuals," he explained.

According to Hope, keeping your man interested goes beyond sex.

"Men want to be with women who wear high heels, take great care of themselves, and look hot," she told me. So if you are a wife who is bogged down with daily chores and worries, thus letting yourself go in the process, this could be the secret turn-off button." She added, "Men need visual and sexual stimulation.

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