Updating 360

Only some of the fields can be edited; attempting to edit other fields could result in an error.Editable fields are the following: fields will be included in the downloaded title list if you have selected the Title Coverage checkbox on the Database Details Page, indicating that you subscribe to only some of the titles.The green check mark is displayed after some attempts but not after all.Even if Revit indicates the latest model has been published and displays the green check mark, the models are not updated.

Models published within Revit are not updating in BIM 360 Document Management or BIM 360 Team.

If it is also plugged into the A/C adaptor it will not update and you get the error messages!

Once I plugged in just the USB with the unit off, I was able to use the green home buttons to update immediately, and both the Defender data base and Version 1.2 updated just fine.

Now I've run into a question I cant find the answer to. update Leica did a great job of making it pretty pain free. I'm sure this won't be my last post as this unit goes against our standard field procedures.

We've just acquired an RTC360 and need update the firmware, I have the FW file downloaded from myworld and loaded on the USB drive.

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