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WITH RESAMPLE is required because partition statistics built with different sample rates cannot be merged together.Applies to: SQL Server 2014 (12.x) through SQL Server 2017 ALL | COLUMNS | INDEX Update all existing statistics, statistics created on one or more columns, or statistics created for indexes.Starting with SQL Server 2016 (13.x), sampling of data to build statistics is done in parallel, when using compatibility level 130, to improve the performance of statistics collection.The query optimizer will use parallel sample statistics, whenever a table size exceeds a certain threshold. When neither SAMPLE nor FULLSCAN is specified, the query optimizer uses sampled data and computes the sample size by default.

RESAMPLE Update each statistic using its most recent sample rate. For example, statistics for indexes use a full-table scan for their sample rate.

FULLSCAN Compute statistics by scanning all rows in the table or indexed view. The actual percentage or number of rows the query optimizer samples might not match the percentage or number specified.

FULLSCAN and SAMPLE 100 PERCENT have the same results. For example, the query optimizer scans all rows on a data page.

If this option is specified, the query optimizer completes this statistics update and disables future updates.

To re-enable the AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS option behavior, run UPDATE STATISTICS again without the NORECOMPUTE option or run sp_autostats.

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