Updating genius on ipod rose mcgowan dating robert rodriguez

What I'm saying is that I don't want to go through the arduous process of re-uploading all of my cd's again just so that I can re-sync. Presumably if you have deleted music off your computer (and your i Tunes) then you must have your i Pod set to manually manage it's content.

Also, its a shared computer and there is a lot of music on i Tunes that I don't want synced with my i Pod. Genius doesn't work with manually managed i Pods, it needs to auto sync with i Tunes.

Upon opting-out, i Tunes will no longer send information about your i Tunes library to Apple.

After the update finished it still couldn't create a playlist using that song.

If you don’t have an account, * * follow the onscreen instructions to set one up.

* * 2 Read the Terms and Conditions, and then click Agree if you accept them.

If you would prefer we not collect and use information from your i Tunes library in this manner, you should not enable the Genius feature.

You can revoke your opt-in choice at any time by choosing to turn off the Genius feature from the Store menu.

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