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Medium Comprehensive: Hardy Diagnostics Medium Complexity Level Kit-Comprehensive is recommended for simulating compounding manipulations involving the preparation of IV Bags, and for verifying aseptic technique.High Complexity: The High Complexity Level Kit by Hardy Diagnostics is recommended for simulating compounding manipulations and for verifying aseptic techniques of non-sterile to sterile solutions.In essence it’s the kind of ‘service pack’ release that Microsoft provides.I was actually hoping for some dramatic interface improvements, however I can only assume these are still being developed.The Ready Rack™ is a plastic rack designed for cleanroom use and can be rinsed with alcohol.

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Holes in the bottom of the rack allow for sterilant to drain.

Each kit contains enough media to perform aseptic technique verification for up to five technicians.

Product is quality control tested for growth promotion, p H, and sterility.

I can’t wait to see those ideas landing in production!

”All of this must mean that Ubuntu’s new interface is still coming, perhaps for the next 6 monthly release, I look forward to when it does.

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