Updating netbeans

However, this blocks installs and updates of our plugin most of which originate from Net Beans.As a workaround we decided to relaunch our own update center which we will manually update with each plugin to allow you to install the plugin even when Net Beans is down.JMRI developers who use Netbeans are encouraged to increase the Netbeans default Heap allocation which is made when Netbeans is launched.This is generally done via a change to the "netbeans.conf" file. Git Hub provides JMRI's code repository using the Git tool.When "OK" is selected, the plug-in updates the line-endings to the configured form and saves the file.If "CANCEL" is selected, the file will be saved WITHOUT changing any line-endings.Having each small change separately recorded can be incredibly helpful later on if you have to track down where a problem was introduced.From time to time, you should update your local copy of the code to match the current "HEAD" of the main JMRI Git repository contents.

This isn’t ideal as we like the convenience the official plugin center affords in our update process.Net Beans is supposed to be identical across platforms, but this hasn't been checked on anything else).Net Beans is a very powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which can make working with the JMRI code pretty easy.For more information on how JMRI uses Git, see the JMRI Help on Getting the code via Git and Git FAQ.Once set up, Net Beans provides built-in support for using Git.

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