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The recommendations from the sub-committee were tested and challenged by Parish Council with a particular emphasis on ensuring consistency across the three villages.A number of changes to the draft response were requested.Finally there are the fixed annual costs of owning a website: The Domain Name carries an annual renewal charge of £7.99 per year plus VAT which we usually manage on a two yearly basis.

Thank you to everyone who made the launch of the Parish Plan on Saturday 1 February such a success.It was agreed that the Parish Council's response to the SNC Local Plan part 2A should be sent to SNC on behalf of the Parish Council by Bob Illingworth, who is the registered person.Minutes Approved responses to the critical questions are shown below: Settlement Heirarchy - questions 3 - 18 The SNC Sustainability Matrix currently shows Astcote, Eastcote and Pattishall scored separately with several errors.Several critical questions required consultation with the local community.Following the open evenings on 19 and 26 May the Parish Council met to review the input and feedback and to consider recommendations.

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