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(); // Will contain the results of the validation bool is Valid = Validator.Try Validate Object(object To Validate, vc, results, true); // Validates the object and its properties using the previously created context.The residuals from a fitted model are the differences between the responses observed at each combination of values of the explanatory variables and the corresponding prediction of the response computed using the regression function.Mathematically, the definition of the residual for the i observation in the data set.Different types of plots of the residuals from a fitted model provide information on the adequacy of different aspects of the model.Numerical methods also play an important role in model validation.A basic, though not quantitatively precise, way to check for problems that render a model inadequate is to conduct a visual examination of the residuals (the mispredictions of the data used in quantifying the model) to look for obvious deviations from randomness.

One area in which this typically happens is in optimization applications using designed experiments.

Just duplicating the properties and adding all properties possibly required in that particular view.

1) Use fluent validation on the model that the retrieves information from the user.

If the model has been estimated over some, but not all, of the available data, then the model using the estimated parameters can be used to predict the held-back data.

If, for example, the out-of-sample mean squared error, also known as the mean squared prediction error, is substantially higher than the in-sample mean square error, this is a sign of deficiency in the model.

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