Who is bobby bones dating

Bobby Bones, whose real name is Bobby Estell, was raised by a single mother in Arkansas.

He spent most of his childhood in poverty and has been quoted as saying that he saw radio as being his only way out of his dire situation.

After over a year of dating, Bones revealed that he and Ell have ended their relationship. Not wanting to hold anything back from his listeners, Bones didn’t try to sugarcoat the news, saying, “.”He then went on to explain the reason for their breakup.

Back in June, one of Ell’s performances at a Sacramento radio station was canceled at the last minute.

In Season 24, fans were very interested in Burgess’ “obvious chemistry” with her dance partner, bull rider Bonner Bolton.

Said Burgess at the time to , “I am a professional!

We’ve been dancing for 10 weeks, every day for eight hours a day. Ell apologized to her fans about the cancellation, saying that the show was called off by the station because of her “.”The aspect of Ell’s “personal life” that she was referring to was her relationship with Bones.You see, Bones’ show runs under the i Heart Media umbrella, and i Heart is a direct competitor with the Sacramento radio station that canceled Ell’s show.The whole ordeal sparked a great deal of outrage in the country music community, and people rallied in support of Ell.Her fans and fellow artists were adamant that her relationship should have nothing to do with whether or not radio stations book her for shows or play her music.“ at the time.

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