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The time of athletes being “dumb money” in business is over, and player business opportunities were at the heart of a discussion between two former NFL players at CES: Dhani Jones and Isaiah Kacyvenski.

An 11-year NFL veteran, Jones has since led an accomplished TV career and invested in 35 companies, many in the Fin Tech industry.

The doors are knocked down.”Athletes have a finite amount of time playing the game and therefore a finite earning opportunity in their athletic lives.The transition to business also isn’t too difficult, he said, as all athletes treat their bodies as though they’re entrepreneurs.A harder jump is into investment, but he made an easy analogy to help that transition.He equated a sports career to youth being seed investments, with parents buying equipment and early training. Meanwhile, professional sports is further Series investments, and the longer they play, the more they can invest in themselves and learn the ins and outs of investment.“A lot of guys are starting to invest now and starting to be looked up to, like, Chris Bosh and Andre Iguodala,” Jones said.“Guys that are investing now have reached that level of investor and now we can achieve by learning from those that have done it.”A lot of athletes have the passion, ability, and desire to make it in the business world, and often all it takes is an extra step of mentorship from a business person, Jones said.

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