Who is reggie bush currently dating Discreet sex chats

The National Enquirer published the pictures where January Gessert, the woman Reggie Bush is supposedly seeing, and a friend are seen leaving Bush’s home at 7 am, later Bush is photographed leaving at 11 am.

A representative for Bush told the Enquirer that Gessert is dating a friend of Bush’s and that they simply met at his house. ” Bush and his Twitter followers continued to make fun of the speculations making jokes about taking pictures with a friend’s mom so the blogs could start rumors that Bush likes to date cougars.

Reggie Bush has responded to the rumors via his Twitter: “Clarification 4 the dummies aka the media, January is a long time friend of mine & has been dating my best friend for 6 months. Clearly Reggie Bush has a sense of humor and won’t let cheating rumors get to him.

The most likely reason why news outlets were quick to pick up the story is the fact that cheating scandals are hot right now thanks to Tiger Woods.

In fact, Jenner took to Instagram to congratulate Bush. Since their marriage, Bush and Avagyan are living as husband and wife for over 4 years.

In , Bush was rumored to be the father to an unborn child of Monique Exposito, a cosmetologist-turned-Miami nightclub waitress.

As per her statement, she got pregnant with the former NFL star Reggie Bush.

Bush was drafted by the New Orleans Saints before his senior year after winning the Heisman Trophy in 2005.

Despite his unsuccessful past affairs, Reggie currently seems to be enjoying a sound relationship with his girlfriend-turned-wife Lilit Avagyan.

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