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That means the clients will be responsible for ensuring they are on the same version as the server, and see Doom's post on how to do that.In my steamapps/common folder I have: 7 Days to Die (this is updated via steam) 7 Days to Die - Guppy Server (this does not get updated by steam) 7 Days to Die - Medieval Mod (this does not get updated by steam) ..

This is where I got confused on what files I need to back up and what files the other players should be backing up, if any from the local roamoing folder...?Inside the 'Saves Loca'l folder is a folder with a bunch of random letters and numbers. Now, inside the C:\Users\xxxxx\App Data\RoamingDays To Die\Saves folder, I have a file, a file, and a folder labled 'Navezgane' (which is the map we play on - not random gen).Inside that folder is a file called (which has the IP address we use to connect to our server in it). Inside the Navezgane folder, I have a folder of files for a local game I play by myself, and then a folder that has our server name on it.Hopefully, someone sees my reply, as I have a couple questions about the save files.I am currently running a private server for 7 Days for myself and a few friends.

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